Top 5 ways to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

How to lose weight after delivery? – Once your baby is in your arms, you will have a lot to worry about, feeding your baby, putting her to sleep, vaccinations and so on. Along with these you also want to lose the kilos that you have piled up during pregnancy. 

Although it may be tempting and frustrating when you see or hear about celebrities or other women being back to their pre-pregnancy weight only days after the delivery, you must remember that it is a gradual process and losing pregnancy weight healthily should be the way to go.


Top 5 tips for weight loss post pregnancy

Do not diet too soon

If you have been binging on chocolates and laddus during pregnancy, you should cut down on those but do not start any crash diets soon after delivery. Let your body acclimatise to being a mother with additional responsibilities and aim for losing weight in a gradual and healthy way. 

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Include more protein in your diet.
  • Eat 5-6 small meals a day.
  • Drink more water through the day.
  • Have a heavy breakfast, medium lunch and a light dinner.
  • Have dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping.


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Breastfeeding for weight loss post pregnancy

It is common knowledge that breastfeeding is the best start you can give to your baby, but did you know that it has great advantages for you too. One of them being loss of more calories and thus aiding in losing weight.

  • If you can, exclusively breastfeed your baby as long as possible.
  • If for any reason, you are not able to breastfeed, try and pump the breastmilk for your baby’s health and yours.



Breastfeeding Basics


Have well-balanced, nutritious diet

Instead of skipping meals to lose weight, you must look at eating small meals at regular intervals.

  • Avoid fried food but have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Have whole wheat bread and try to include multiple grains in your diet instead of refined food.
  • Stay away from carbonated drinks and have lots of water to keep you hydrated.
  • You can have healthy fruit juices or coconut water too.
  • Find replacements for your cravings.
  • If you feel like having ice-creams, stock up on yogurts instead.
  • Have freshly squeezed vegetable juice in place of soft drinks.


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Remain active

Try to go back to your normal routine as soon as possible after your delivery. This does not mean leaving your baby aside and getting back into the rat race, but resist the temptation of staying in bed all the time when you have others pampering you.

  • Avoid the temptation to be in bed most of the day unless advised by doctor. Your well-wishers may advise you to rest and take care of baby but being active is as important for you as for your baby.
  • Do your regular chores at home, but do not tire yourself.
  • Take easy walks with baby in the stroller.
  • Not able to go out. Play music and dance with your baby. 🙂
  • You may do simple stretching exercises at home.


Exercise to lose weight post pregnancy

There is no need to hit the gym yet, but go for walks with baby.

  • As mentioned above,you could push the stroller and walk around the block.
  • A light jog could also do you good.
  • Cycling and swimming are also great to keep your body active and losing those extra kilos post-delivery.

Try Yoga and postnatal exercise

If you can, join a postnatal exercise or yoga class. It will help you in the long run also and meeting other new mums can also help keep postnatal depression away. You can start yoga 6 months after delivery.

Here are 5 Yoga poses that you can do to shed those pounds after delivery.

Cobra Pose / Bhujang asana

Cobra pose strengthens back muscles as well as arms and shoulders. It also helps with menstrual irregularities.


Camel Pose/ Ushtasana

Camel pose has many benefits. It reduces fat on thighs , opens up the hips, stretching deep hip flexors and shoulders.

Leg raises

Raise your legs to 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees. Hold each pose  for 5 seconds. Leg raises are great for strengthening abdominal muscles.

Boat Pose/ Naukasana

Boat pose or naukasana has many benefits.

  • Tones and strengthens your abdominal muscles.
  • Improves balance and digestion.
  • Stretches your hamstrings.
  • Strengthens your spine and hip flexors.

Child pose/ Bala asana

This is a great pose to relax and is good when are just starting your yoga journey. You can do this pose after your workout before shavasana.


Hope these tips will help you in losing post-pregnancy weight in a healthy way. Remember that what is healthy for everyone is healthy for you too. You should target to have well-rounded, healthy lifestyle rather than just aiming to lose weight drastically like your favourite celebrity.


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Lose pregnancy weight like Shilpa Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan




Constipation during pregnancy

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy and usually not very serious.

Why constipation during pregnancy?

The reason is the pressure applied by your growing uterus on your rectum and abundance of pregnancy hormones in your body. Iron supplements also cause constipation in some women.

What to do about Constipation during pregnancy?

If you too suffer from this problem, you can follow some easy tips  to ease your constipation:

Drink more water:

It is important that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Having enough water will make your bowel movements easier.

Have enough fiber:

Increase amount of fiber-rich food in your diet. Eat wholewheat bread, rotis, fresh fruits and vegetables, oats etc.

Reduce refined foods from your diet :

Reduce the amount of refined food items in your diet. White bread, instant noodles, pasta etc may make the problem worse.


Exercise moderately throughout the pregnancy to help ease the problem of constipation. Make sure to check with your doctor before going for any rigorous exercise. Moderate walking is usually the best bet. Yoga can also help in many ways during pregnancy.

If constipation bothers you too much, do tell your doctor about. Doctor will prescribe safe medication for your problem.

What not to do during constipation during pregnancy?

Do not have refined junk food items:

Even if you feel like binging, control the urge to have fast food made from white flour like bugers, pizzas or fried food like puris, pakoras, samosa etc.

Have more fluids but not carbonated sodas or colas. Fresh fruits juices and water are your best bet.

Do not take any laxatives without consulting your doctor.

15 Simple and Unique Gift Ideas for a Newborn


Arrival of a baby is great joy for not just the parents but family and friends. And the celebration is incomplete without gifting. Everyone wants to give the perfect gift for the baby. Here we list out some ideas which will make the new parents and the baby very happy.

Baby Clothes  – Gift ideas for a newborn

These are classic gifts items. Buy cute little Layette sets with vests, mittens, caps,  booties, bibs etc are easily available in the market. If you are giving dressy clothes, buy six months to 1 year size as baby will grow even before she has a chance to wear those. Always choose 100% cotton clothes for the baby.


Silver keepsakes/ jewellery gift ideas for a newborn

It is a tradition to give silver jewellery/ keepsakes to a newborn. Silver anklets(payal), wristlets , bangles and silver bowl and spoon are nice gifts which will be useful for baby and will also remind of you for years to come.

Benefits of sliver utensils for baby


Simple and Unique Gift ideas for a Newborn


Bath tub with bath toys

Babies love playing with water and what better way to enjoy than having their own bath tub and bath toys. Choose bath toys like rubber ducks, fishes and squirt toys to baby to enjoy when she starts sitting.

Cot mobile

Babies love music and a cot mobile will keep her entertained for hours while lying still on the cot. At the same time, it helps in development of senses as well. Choose one with bold colors and soothing music.

Cot/ Crib/ Cradle

You may also gift a cot or a cradle to a newborn, if baby is someone in your close family. Check with the parents though if they have already zeroed in on something or whether they have bought something already.



Stuffed toys

You can never go wrong with stuffed toys. More the merrier. Choose large bears, elephants, fishes, monkeys or whatever catches your fancy.


Beddings/Blankets as gifts for newborn

You may also gift a bedding set comprising of a crib mattress, sheets, pillows etc. Choose sheets in colourful patterns of cartoon characters. You can also pack in baby blankets made of fleece or quilted blankets in nice colors. Swaddling blankets are great too.


Utilities for Baby

You cannot go wrong with gifting utilities as parents will be in need of these by the dozen. There are numerous gifts sets available in market which have baby soaps, shampoos, wipes, baby lotion, baby creams, massage oils etc. If you do not like those, you may also make your own assorted hamper with all these. Throw in a small stuffed toy or a hooded towel in a cute basket and it will the new parents no end.

You may also gift a set of baby bottles in various sizes with bottle brushes and extra nipples. You may also add in thermo bottle covers to carry bottles during travel.

Another idea could be a set of bibs, wash clothes, hooded towels, pacifier, teethers etc. in a nice basket.


Baby is still too young to read, but her parents will appreciate some colourful story books and rhymes etc. to read from at bedtime. Choose board books with large colourful pictures or ones with cloth pages specially made for infants. 3D books with a story and musical books are great too.




Diaper Bag /Mama Bag for new mother

A roomy and stylish diaper bag filled with disposable diapers, baby wipes, a box of tissues, diaper rash cream, a changing mat and some sanitizers will be highly appreciated by the new mother.

Here is one really smart option which you can order online.



Activity gym/ Bouncer seat/ Swing

Activity gyms or play mats are also a great gift. It will keep a baby engaged for long time and also help in development of hearing and sight.

Bouncer seats and swings can be god-sent for parents who do not have anyone to help. They can keep their bundle of joy busy and entertained for long enough for them to finish some household chores.

Ensure that you gift good quality products which are safe for the baby.



If you cannot think of anything else, money will always be appreciated. You can also give a gift card to a store where parents could shop for themselves.

Do It Yourself Gifts(DIY)

If you have the talent and the time, make some effort to present something handmade. If you are good at knitting, a woollen suit of matching sweater, jammies, socks, mittens and cap is an all-time classic.

You can also sew a blanket and personalize it with baby’s name.

You may also make some traditional wear for baby which are not easily available in market. Sew a lehenga for baby girl and a kurta with jacket for boy. Ensure that fabric you use should be cotton and wash it before sewing.

If you are good at quilting, you could make handmade stuffed toys.

It is traditional in India to use mustard pillows for baby’s initial months. Use our guide to make a mustard pillow for the new baby and parents will always remember your gift.

Third Month – week by Week


Week 9

What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby now has a new name. It is no longer called embryo, but fetus. It is close to 2.5 cms in length. Muscles are beginning to form now, and they will help the fetus move limbs later. Placenta is developing and will soon be doing its job of producing hormones.

What’s happening to you?

You may now be feeling emotional and moody, elated now and depressed the other. Along with usual symptoms like fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, you may also notice an increase in appetite as well as cravings for certain foods. You may also develop sudden aversion to things you loved before. All these are happening because of the large amounts of hormones doing rounds in your body.

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