Omellette Pizza


My daughter is not very fond of eggs, so I have to device different ways to make them look appetizing. She has gone through different phases of disliking and liking eggs. There was a time when she would spit out egg in any form, then started tolerating omelet and then hating it. If boiled, she only eats egg whites and leaves yolk. But I would like her to have it atleast sometimes a week since it is so rich in protein.

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Easy Atta Banana and Walnut bread

My daughter Aanya is a relatively good eater, but she has her bouts of pickiness and at such times you have to serve dishes which will look appealing to them but are also packed with nutrition. This bread below is an easy recipe which is made of wholewheat flour, banana and walnuts which are all great for kids. So when my girl wants to have cake for a snack or meal, I give her this which is moist and delicious enough to pass as a cake and yet full of nutrition.


Atta Banana and Walnut bread

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