Colicky baby

Colic is defined by doctors as a condition where an otherwise healthy baby cries inconsolably for 3 or more hours for 3 or more days a week. This condition usually starts at around 6 weeks and peaks at around 3 month, after which it will get better. It usually disppears at around 6 months, but in rare cases can last upto 12 months. Crying happens at a particular time of the day, usually the early evening/ afternoon.


Causes of Colic

For ages, it has been believed that the reason for colic can be trapped gas in baby’s stomach after feeding.

What to do about Colic?

Colic is usually harmless although it may not seem so at that point to you. Ideally, you need to be patient and realize that it is just a phase and will pass off soon.

It is said that breastfed babies are less likely to experience colic. One reason could be that there is more chance of them swallowing air through a bottle than from breast. Do burp your baby in between and at end of every feeding.

If you are specially concerned, do speak to your baby’s doctor about this.

Traditional Indian remedy involves Janam-ghutti or Gripe-water, but doctors these days recommend not giving these. If you still want to give these to your baby, do consult baby’s doctor first.


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