Toddlers are known to be picky and fussy eaters. Moreover, they want to assert their new found independence by feeding themselves. You can either carry a plate and  run behind them all day or give them some easy to feed themselves finger-food and hope that most of it goes into their mouth and not on some window or your curtain. #one year old baby food recipes

Do check out our 75+ finger food ideas for babies & toddlers


Of course, you can give them biscuits and cookies to munch on their own, but we don’t want an overdose of sugar. Finger food need not be any different from your regular food. Anything which your toddler can hold and which will not be too messy can be given to the baby.

 Here we give some toddler-friendly finger-food recipes which are sure to be a hit with your growing child. These are easy to make and healthy and nutritious and can be fed at any time of the day.



Fruit Salad



Various fruits – Apple, banana, pear, papaya, grapes



  1. Clean, peel and cut fruits into bite size pieces.
  2. Mix all together and let your baby treat him/herself to a new treat with every bite.



Eggy Veggie Fingers



2 slices brown bread

1 egg

1 cup grated/ finely diced veggies – carrot, capsicum, onion, tomato

1 tbsp milk

Oil / Ghee

Salt and Pepper


  1. Mix together milk, grated veggies and egg.
  2. Beat the mixture well to a runny consistency.
  3. Cut bread into long thin strips.
  4.  Heat a girdle(tawa) , put a little oil.
  5. Dip bread piece into mixture and fry on girdle.
  6. Cool and give to baby to feed him/herself.


75+ finger food ideas for babies & toddlers


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