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Q. Hi Ma, My eight month old daughter keeps getting cold. I do not like having to give her so many medicines frequently. Are there any home remedies which I can give her to avoid her getting cold ? Regds, Meera

Ans. Hi Meera, Ayurveda advocates use of ginger (adrak) and indian basil (tulsi) for curing and preventing coughs and these have been used since time immemorial in India in teas and karhas to relieve cold. You can put 4-5 tulsi leaves in ½ a litre of water and boil it for 3-4 minutes. Cool the water. Use this water in place of baby’s regular water to make food and also as a drink during the course of the day. This will not only relive cold symptoms, but also increase baby’s immunity. Ginger juice can also be given to kids over one year as it can be very strong and pungent for small babies.

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