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Q. Hi Ma, My grandmother used to make kajal (kohl) at home. I want to try the same. How can I do that ?

Ans. You can easily make kajal at home.

You will need : 

1)      Ghee or mustard oil (whichever is available to you ).

2)      Silver or brass lamp.

3)      Cotton to make a wick.

4)      A silver or brass container or plate to cover the lamp.

How To:

  • Fill a silver or brass lamp with oil or ghee.
  • Make a wick with cotton. Light the lamp.
  • Cover the lamp lightly with the container or plate, so that that the flame touches it but not completely cover it.
  • Let it burn for few hours.
  • After 5-6 hours, you will see soot collected on the cover.
  • Add a few drops of homemade ghee to it to a smooth consistency.
  • Your kajal is ready.

PS : Please don’t put kajal in baby’s eyes as doctors do not recommend it.  

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