Child playing HoliHoli, the festival of colors is just round the corner and it is one of the most-waited festivals in India. It is a fun festival specially for kids since they can get wet to their heart’s desire and play with color with their friends.

But there are common and justified worries of parents related to this wonderful festival. Let us take a look at how we can ensure a safe and enjoyable Holi for our kids.

Safe colors

Holi is a festival of colours, so ensure you buy only certified, organic colours for your kids even if they cost a little more.

Make your own colors

In Indian culture it was common for families to make their own colors for Holi and same can be done now though in a smaller scale.

  • Soak tesu or palash flowers in a buket of water to get a natural orange color.
  • Mix turmeric powder with flour to get yellow color.
  • Mix dried mehndi leaves with flour to get green color.
  • Ban water balloons
  • Water-filled balloons may seem fun and they can cause severe injuries. Instruct kids not to use water balloons.

Keep an eye on kids

Kids should play Holi under adult supervision. This will ensure there are no untoward incidents and immediate action can be taken in case of an injury.

Dressing right

Clothes after playing Holi need to be discarded sto dress your child in clothes which are not very new or favourite. Stick to darker shades of clothes and choose clothes which will cover most of the body. Cotton full-sleeved clothes would work best.

Precautions to take

Apply coconut or mustard oil liberally all over your child’s body before playing Holi. Oil forms a protective layer on skin and will not allow color to stick to body.

  • Oil your child’s hair well.
  • Apply face cream on child’s face.If your child agrees, wrap a scarf or cap over her head.
  • For taking off color afterwards, you can bathe your child with an uptan of  besan and curd. The tartness of curd helps in taking off color.

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